Our Beginner Class will be the only group class we will offer for now. We have decided to halt all Puppy Classes because at this time, due to social distancing, we can not hold out 5th week puppy social. The training center is scheduled to re-open in June with classes resuming on Sunday June 7. We will be limiting our student numbers at the center to allow for social distancing to make sure everyone is comfortable and masks are required. We do know there are some who will not want to venture out just yet. Sooooo, (drum roll please) we are going to set it up so you can join us virtually at the training center! We are so excited about this we're actually bouncing in our seat. We know this is not a new concept but it's new for us so we are wicked stoked about it. And yes we said wicked stoked but it's okay because at this point we are sporting a full blown mullet. And no we're not joking.

The calendar is up so please check it. Some of our classes will already be at full capacity for the center because we have some who have patiently been waiting for us to re-open but you are welcome to join us from home.

Training for Both Ends of the Leash

​Elite Canine

Beginner Class covers the following:

  • Sit, down, wait, recall (come when called), leave-it, take-it
  • Potty training, safety, grooming and inappropriate behaviors (jumping, barking, digging, chewing & nipping)​​.
  • This class runs for 4 weeks, 1 hour a week. It will be on the same day and at the same time each week.
  • The class is $110 (payment will reserve your spot in class).
  • If you are joining us at the center, dogs must be at least 10 weeks old and have their second set of puppy shots. If you are joining us virtually they can start at any age.
  • ​If you are joining us from home you must have a device with a camera and mic. We will be using the Zoom meeting tool. 
  • ​All registration fees are non-refundable.​

Beginner Class

All Ages