​Elite Canine



We have classes for every level. Beginner for those pups who have had no formal training and need to learn the basics up to reliable cues with distance and distractions and proficient heeling.

Elite Canine is committed to providing the resources and support necessary to build a lifelong relationship between you and your canine companion, offering a broad range of educational programs and services.


We love our community, humans and dogs alike. Throughout the year we hold fundraisers and sponsor many events. We work with different rescue organizations offering discounts on classes, fundraising and collecting food and toys. 



Our award winning therapy dog team is always welcoming new team members. We take pride in the comfort and love that we share throughout the community. 

Due to the COVID- Stay in Place order, the training center will be closed until April 30 but that does not mean you have to wait. We are offering online classes. These will be done virtually with Zoom and will be the exact same as you see in our class descriptions. We are also asking you to tell all your friends about our classes. Since they will online they can be taken from anywhere in the world!

Please call us if you have any questions. Stay safe and healthy and thank you for supporting us during this trying time. We cannot express how much we appreciate it. 

Training for Both Ends of the Leash